Shankar Guitar

The most momentous discovery in Kamala Shankar’s life was the Hawaiian guitar. For some deep mysterious reason she recognized the Hawaiian Guitar as her soul mate .Hawaiian Guitar was being considered as one of the most popular instruments of West Bengal. For quite long years Vidushi Dr.Kamala Shankar was playing on the standard  six string Hawaiian Guitar.But she was constantly thinking to invent a Guitar of her choice with desired sound  quality .She met and discussed  with  several Instrument makers but not able to get the dream sound which she was thinking.  Finally she met Pt.Bishan Das Sharma of Rikhi Ram and sons New Delhi and discussed the quality of sound which she wanted, and  finally Sharma jee understood the artist's choice and  Kamala's long years of constant effort and experimentation resulted in inventing a new form of slide Guitar, the melodious Shankar slide Guitar in 2001.The name  Shankar is derived from the deity of Varanasi Lord Shankar.

Shankar Guitar is made up of solid Cedar wood and there is a  single piece of hollow wood used in the base .It has no sound hole as  compared to other Guitars. It has four main strings and three "Chikari" strings with eleven "Sympathetic" strings. These changes have completely improved the tonal quality giving it an even and sustaining sound on all strings giving a distinct indian tonal quality to which our ears are used to.